Creating a Nighttime Oasis: Integrating Firepits into Your Poolside Area

A firepit can transform your poolside into a year-round nighttime oasis, providing warmth, light, and a social gathering spot that extends the usability of your outdoor space into the cooler months. At Big Becks Pools & Pavers in Massapequa, NY, we specialize in designing and installing custom firepits that are both safe and aesthetically pleasing, complementing your pool and the overall landscape. Here’s how you can incorporate a firepit into your pool area, with insights on material choices, safety considerations, and design aesthetics.

Choosing the Right Material

The material of your firepit not only influences its look but also its functionality and longevity. Here are some popular options:

  • Stone Firepits: Natural stone offers a classic and rugged beauty that can withstand the elements. It’s ideal for traditional or rustic outdoor themes and can be designed to match stone coping around your pool.
  • Concrete Firepits: For a more modern aesthetic, concrete provides clean lines and can be cast in various shapes and finishes. It can also be colored or textured to complement contemporary pool designs.
  • Metal Firepits: Metal like stainless steel or cast iron is perfect for sleek, modern designs. These materials are durable and can handle high temperatures, but they require some maintenance to prevent rust in humid or rainy environments.
  • Brick Firepits: Brick is a versatile choice that works well with many architectural styles, especially classic suburban homes. It can be laid in various patterns and paired with different mortar colors for a unique look.

Safety Considerations

Safety is paramount when integrating a firepit into your poolside area. Here are key considerations:

  • Placement: Firepits should be placed at a safe distance from the pool and any flammable structures to prevent accidents. We typically recommend a minimum of 10 feet from the pool’s edge and any overhead structures.
  • Barriers: Depending on your setup and local regulations, you might consider protective barriers or guards around the firepit to prevent accidental contact, especially if children are often present.
  • Ventilation: Ensure that your firepit area is well-ventilated to avoid smoke accumulation, particularly if it’s partially enclosed.
  • Local Codes and Regulations: Always adhere to local fire codes and regulations when installing a firepit. At Big Becks, we handle all aspects of compliance to ensure your fire feature is legal and safe.

Design Aesthetics

The design of your firepit should complement the existing style and features of your pool area while adding its own unique charm:

  • Integrated Seating: Incorporate built-in seating around the firepit for comfort and convenience. Seating can be constructed from the same materials as the firepit for a cohesive look.
  • Lighting: Soft landscape lighting around the firepit area can enhance the ambiance and increase safety. Consider path lights leading up to the firepit and ambient lighting to set the mood.
  • Custom Shapes and Features: We can design firepits in various shapes, from traditional rounds and squares to more bespoke designs that fit uniquely shaped spaces. Adding elements like gas burners can make starting the fire easier and safer than using wood.

Custom Firepit Designs at Big Becks

At our showroom in Massapequa, NY, you can explore various custom firepit designs. Whether you’re looking for something minimalist and modern or more ornate and traditional, we can tailor a design to meet your needs and preferences. Our experts are skilled in crafting firepits that are not only beautiful but also built to last, making every evening by the pool special.

Transform Your Poolside with Big Becks Pools & Pavers

Ready to create your own nighttime oasis? Visit Big Becks Pools & Pavers to start planning your poolside firepit today. Our team is here to guide you through every step, ensuring that your new firepit is the perfect addition to your outdoor living space.


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